Pink Shoes

Pink Shoes
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Pink is one of the favorites of the summer season. Designers are predicted a stunning success to this color. 392947106_o                                                                  These shoes liking star fashionistas and not only they! It remains only to deal with the fact what wear, to always be stylish and topical!
Pink shoes have its own personality. It is appropriate only in very stylish clothes! For a stunning effect of wearing shoes in combination with the clothes or dresses lime green, cobalt blue, tangerine, intense orange, jade, greenish or yellowish sunny colors.
If you want to underline a role of pink shoes, then wear it with outfits in neutral colors: beige, black, white, silver or gold. And pink shoes look very well with floral dresses or tops with a geometric pints.
Pink shoes you’ll be able to combine with formal attire, such as suits. In this case the clothes will not look boring and pretentious. Also pink shoes can be worn with clothing style casual: shorts, T-shirts, jeans, tops. This will not only make your image more femininity, but also stylish and more summery.
Don’t like pink? No problem! Fashionable shoes have not only dollish color. Shades of pink – a million! Among them you can find the one that you will have to taste. For example, fuchsia, pink, scarlet or pink nude. As for the design and heel in fashion – wedge heel, platform, stiletto heel and massive heel. For variety you can add to your wardrobe cheerful pink flip flops, ballet flats or sneakers for fitness. So it will be fun to engage in sports and walk to the beach.

a7 a8An important point! If you decide to put on pink shoes, best of all, when your image will not have a lot of pink items. Otherwise, you risk to become a Barbie doll. Look at celebrities. They don’t abuse by pink accessories.

Remember, pink – it’s feminine and flirt! Feel free to experiment with images a16and soon you’ll be a a31style icon!